SoftFrame, embedded wireless protocol stacks framework

SoftFrame enables the electronic engineering tasks associated with the development of wireless devices to be performed efficiently, and the outcome to be more robust.



This middleware provides all the necessary infrastructure for the embedded software engineer to develop without the need to know the real-time operating system (using Microsoft Visual Studio C++ or GNU tools as appropriate). Prototyping and simulations can be done, without the need for hardware, on a PC running Windows 2000/XP or Linux (e.g. Ubuntu/Debian, RedHat, Suse and embedded distributions).


Threading, Timer, Semaphore, Mutex, IPC message passing, Event handling, Finite state machine. ClarinoxSoftFrame provides standard libraries, memory management functionality for deterministic execution on all platforms. Debug, trace and profiling functions improve the product quality and reduced time to market.


The Platform Interface guarantees the smooth porting of applications to different hardware. Add-on protocols instantly put your team ahead of the competition by  providing off-the-shelf wired or wireless protocols. Many platforms are supported, see supported platforms below

SoftFrame Features

  • Authentication (including certificate-based security)
  • Encryption (allows customer-defined cypher suite)
  • Secure connection support
  • Support for multiple target platforms, same stack, same API across targets
  • Memory leak detection
  • Innovative Debugger for improved system visibility
  • Abstraction (Reuse software and minimize the redesign workload)
  • Enable processing across multiple CPUs with inter-process communication

ClarinoxSoftFrame Middleware

Our award-winning middleware allows us to combine our wireless software solutions into a maintainable and portable package complete with the Clarinox ClariFi™ debugger so that Bluetooth®and Wi-Fi™ protocol messages may be captured and displayed to developers.

The ClarinoxSoftFrame libraries provide real-time operating system (RTOS) API to handle multi-threading, semaphores, mutex, and event handling. The ClarinoxSoftFrame abstraction layer enables embedded developers to easily migrate their Clarinox applications to different target platforms, a feature particularly useful in times of component shortages. For further information please Read More

The separation of application and protocol stack using interprocess communication is another innovative feature of ClarinoxSoftFrame. This provides flexibility to distribute the computational load across two CPUs which is often desirable in product upgrades in which footprint changes are not possible


Supported Platforms


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A robust Bluetooth Classic/LE protocol stack, Auracast and Mesh ready , supporting over 15 different RTOS. ClarinoxBlue is a dev- friendly stack, that offers advance embedded connectivity solutions.



A proven Wi-Fi protocol stack with AP, STA P2P, WPS, Mesh, ported to over 15 different RTOS. Clarinox Wi-Fi empowers developers to create reliable and high-performance embedded Wi-Fi connections.



ClariFi™ an all-in-one high-level debugger with integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sniffers, protocol analysis, memory optimization, leak analysis, and detailed thread/task insights.



Our versatile protocol stacks operate seamlessly on the Clarinox SoftFrame abstraction layer, facilitating swift portability,co-existence, and interoperability.