Clarinox has received support for the Keil functionality of Jannal through the ARM community.



Clarinox is development partner of the worldwide AUTOSAR consortium which develops the standardized software framework for intelligent mobility. Clarinox AUTOSAR ID is 0x008D. For more information see



Clarinox collaborates with a number of other organisations

Academic Institutions

Clarinox is pleased to have been involved over many years in the provision of guest lectures and industrial project supervision, within the fields of embedded systems and wireless technologies to RMIT, Victoria University, University of Melbourne and Monash University.

Apple MFi

Clarinox is a member of the MFi Program. Contract number: C56-13-00534.

Approved supplier

Clarinox is a registered approved supplier for Telstra, Siemens, Aselsan and Tait Communications.


The Australian Technology Showcase commenced in Victoria in 2004. Clarinox was among the first few companies to be accepted into the program and was listed as a finalist for the ATS Patron's Award in 2007.

Bluetooth Special Interest Group

Clarinox is proud of its long membership of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. Clarinox became an Associate member in 2005.


Clarinox is a member of the Tata Consultancy Services CO-INnovation (COIN) program.


Embedded Access

Embedded Access Inc (EAI) is the world expert in the MQX RTOS platform and is a leading provider of embedded software products and services.

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Express Logic

ClarinoxBlue and ClarinoxWiFi are supported using Express Logic's ThreadX RTOS on many hardware platforms. Express Logic is owned by Microsoft.


Greenhills Software

Partners since June 2011, Greenhills Software and Clarinox jointly support Bluetooth®, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi® embedded systems using Marvell's 88W8xxx/88W89xx and the Texas Instrument WiLink8 SoCs.



IAR have supported Clarinox Jannal Intelligent Design Environment through their partnership program to provide EWARM capability.



Infineon is an important partner for Clarinox, particularly for automotive segment.

Clarinox support following Infineon CPU/MCU platforms:

  • XMC 4700
  • Aurix TC3xx



Clarinox is a certified member of the Intel Software Partner Program and a member of the Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance.


Mentor Graphics®

ClarinoxBlue™ Bluetooth Smart-Ready and ClarinoxWiFi™ protocol stacks are fully supported on the Nucleus® RTOS platform. Learn more about our Nucleus® support here: Mentor Graphics® Middleware Partners.

Supported Mentor Graphics platforms:

  • Nucleus
  • Mentor Linux

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ClarinoxBlue & ClarinoxWiFi support Micrium μC/OS-III.

ClarinoxBlue & ClarinoxWiFi support Micrium μC/OS-III.



Clarinox is recognised as a Windows Embedded Partner.



Clarinox joined the NXP partner program in 2016 and later that year released our Koala EVM Blue based upon LPC4350.

In addition Clarinox support following NXP CPU/MCU platforms:

  • i.MX6/i.MX7/i.MX8
  • i.MX RT
  • LPC 18xx/43xx
  • LPC 540xx
  • K6x/K7x

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Clarinox is an approved provider of Bluetooth technology on the QNX platform



Clarinox is listed as a contributor on the Renesas Synergy Gallery, as well as a proud partner of the R-Car Consortium.

Clarinox supports the following Renesas CPU/MCU platforms:

  • Synergy S5/S7
  • RH850
  • R-Car M3/H3

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Clarinox supports a wide variety of STMicroelectronics MCU range and is an ST Authorized Partner. Clarinox Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy stacks are deployed by many customers using ST MCUs.

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Clarinox is proud to partner with Synopsys for Bluetooth Low Energy Core Specification 5.0, 5.1, Bluetooth Mesh and upcoming Bluetooth low energy audio capabilities for the versatile Synopsys hardware IP solutions. The combination of robust and comprehensive ClarinoxBlue software stack and award-winning Clarinox ClariFi debugger with the Synopsys support for both ARM and ARC processor hardware IP provides a powerful and flexible solution. Clarinox and Synopsys are excited to help customers take full advantage of the latest in Bluetooth technology.



SYSGO is the leading European provider of real-time operating systems for critical embedded applications.

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TASKING is an Altium brand. TASKING development tools are used by carmakers and the world's largest automotive Tier-1 suppliers to develop embedded microcontroller based power train, body control and ADAS related applications around the globe. More than ten thousand users rely on the TASKING development tools to create richer next-generation applications while achieving optimum reliability, security, and performance. In 2017 the TASKING brand celebrates its 40th anniversary of technology leadership, quality tools and customer support excellence.

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Texas Instruments

Clarinox Technologies Pty Ltd is a member of the Texas Instruments partner program. Clarinox Wi-Fi , Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy stacks are running on MSP432, TiVa, AM3xx CPUs. Clarinox supports WiLink-6, WiLink-8 and CC2564 wireless components in many customer products.

Supported Texas Instruments CPU/MCU platforms

  • DSP C5000
  • DSP C6000
  • Sitara AM35x
  • MSP430
  • TiVa TM4C129x

Supported Texas Instruments wireless components:

  • Wilink6, Wilink7, Wilink8
  • CC2564

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Clarinox is partnering with u-blox to provide customers wireless connectivity stacks and tools to develop their smart connected devices faster and easier. With its support for 20+ most popular RTOS & O/S in the market, Clarinox provides freedom of choice for u-blox customers.

Clarinox’s current support for host based/standalone Bluetooth modules and JODY W1/W2/W3 multi-radio (Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy & Wi-Fi) modules for combined Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and Bluetooth LE protocols, gives the developers all necessary tools for easy design of products that requires simultaneous or separate Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and Bluetooth LE protocols to be implemented.

The advanced debugging tool options helping customers to automate their tedious testing tasks, to implement quality management during manufacturing, to make easy audio performance tuning especially for EC/NR integration, to conduct compliance tests for the regulatory requirements, ensures hassle free fulfillment of any complex use cases with the most stringent time to market requirements.

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Wind River

Our award-winning ClarinoxBlue™ Bluetooth Smart-Ready and ClarinoxWiFi™ protocol stacks are available as software packages for download and install on the Wind River® Marketplace for VxWorks® 7 RTOS. Optimized for peak performance and seamless compatibility on Linux and VxWorks platforms, these packages add advanced Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi capabilities to new and existing projects.


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Approved provider on Xilinx platform.