Clarinox is passionate about embedded wireless engineering. We have developed robust software stacks and elegant debug tools. Our products are built by engineers for engineers. Ease of use, despite the inherit complexities of the technologies, is top of mind. We create standard software libraries and tools that are better at meeting the needs of wireless engineers than anything else that exists today. We are proud to support our customers, who are the dedicated engineers involved in building the myriad of wireless devices that enhance the lives of billions of people today.

Clarinox was created due to the necessity of developing strong and versatile connectivity solutions for embedded systems using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. For over twenty years, we've collaborated closely with our clients and partners to systematize wireless connectivity solutions, providing the software and tools that engineers need to efficiently develop connected devices.


We are now regarded as a market leader in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Our products and services are sought out for our simple APIs and enhanced in-built debug capabilities. We are recognised for providing clarity and accuracy to our partners and stakeholders through open communication and collaboration. We seek to supply our customers with the most up-to-date technological advances in order to provide a competitive advantage when bringing their products to market.

Sustainability is at the core of Clarinox. We design and develop solutions that meet the needs of the present, while facilitating improvements for future generations to meet their own needs. We are well-positioned for sustainable long-term success, considering environmental, social, and governmental factors. We believe in providing high-quality products and services with the aim of increased longevity, contributing to efficiency and adaptability into the future.

Management Team

Trish Messiter

Trish Messiter, CEO and Director of Business Development for Clarinox Technologies, has experience across many fields including research, engineering design, computer modeling, software debugging and technical support as well as sales and marketing. This background provides both the technical and the marketing perspective to be in tune with the requirements of customers as well the needs of the business.

Trish has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of NSW, Sydney, Australia 1983 and a Certificate IV in Sales and Marketing from Holmsglen TAFE, Melbourne, Australia.

Prior to Clarinox her work experience included engineering design for ICI and BHP; a Research Officer role at UNSW; technical support and client account management as a Customer Service Representative for IBM Australia; and engineering software sales, marketing and business development for OC Systems and Plant Solutions.

The roles with OC Systems and Plant Solutions provided experience with company formation and early stage growth as Trish was one of the early team members for both these companies. This experience in the start-up environment, coupled with experience in some of world's larger firms, provides a good background for establishing policies, practices and procedures necessary to create a viable business.

Gokhan Tanyeri

Gokhan Tanyeri, founder, director and CTO of Clarinox Technologies Pty Ltd, has successfully run the embedded systems arm of several companies in Australia including Intelligent Electronic Systems, Ezgi Enterprises, and Clarinox. With over 25 years experience in Embedded Systems Design across many industries including telecommunications and defense Gokhan has the experience to provide the technical direction for the company.

Prior to Clarinox Gokhan was a Senior Software Professional and Consultant for Agilent Australia, Fujitsu Australia and Invetech; Systems Engineer for Loral International New York; and Chief Electronics Engineer for Aselsan a leading multi-product electronics company of Turkey.

The role with Aselsan covered engineering, project and people management with Gokhan being directly responsible for the engineering team and engineering post graduate program of Aselsan. The team designed, developed and manufactured leading edge electronic systems for military and professional customers including research and development for NATO projects.

Gokhan holds a Masters in Electronic Engineering and a bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering. He is an active member of the Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), USA and member of the Chamber of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Turkey. Also, He provides guest lectures on short range wireless technologies for several Melbourne Universities including Monash and RMIT.